If you are looking to share your photography on the internet there are many sites to choose from. It can be overwhelming. I spent months looking for the right site. So many have hidden fees. Others say "come on in" and put out a hand for you to do ANYTHING once you are a member. was perfect.

I feel I have made improvements with my photography skills and it is all because of the wonderful people at  They offer help and advice for everything you share. There are so many excellent photographers at It is a pleasure to be a part of

What makes it different is that it is geared for artists. You can enter contests with cash prizes. These are fun and challenge you to do something different. Such as shooting a photograph with a primary color. Or finding a unique angle for a shot. Or getting that certain look for a subject. I love that.

When you share your work you don't just stick in a portfolio that no one sees. It gets feedback as soon as you post it. You can put it up for sale. They have a "content sharing" feature that gets your work for sale exposure throughout the internet. is a great place to sell your work if you are interested in doing so.

So if you are looking for a safe place to share your art or photography, have some fun, and to learn as you go - I recommend  For more information on I recommend this site.